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The ‘Other’ Intelligence Involvement

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsCheltenham Ladies College got a mention on BBC Radio 4 a few days ago, as being a rich source of recruitment for the intelligence services. Cheltenham Ladies have been involved in intelligence, probably since WWI when the government suddenly … Continue reading

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To Deal or Not to Deal on eBay – that is a Question!

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsI’ve recently completed a long and arduous process of trying to get compensation from an eBay deal that went wrong through the Small Claims Court system. I could wax lyrical for pages on the subjects of the difficulties, vagaries … Continue reading

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The Stress of Modern Battle

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsDuring the past week, while attending the BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme editorial meeting event at the Cheltenham Literary Festival, where items for the next day’s programme were discussed and items of interest requested from the audience, an item in … Continue reading

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A ‘Drilling’ Experience

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsNothing to do with mining or dentistry, but instead – soldiering. The other day, when Veronica caught me humming a marching tune and swinging my arms a bit, she was rather disparagjng about the old army ways of ‘spit … Continue reading

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Physician, Heal Thyself!

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsJust a few personal opinions on the nearly unprecedented strike today by what used to be a group of the most respected professionals in the land. Following the ‘deal’ with the Labour government in 2008, doctors, and in particular … Continue reading

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The Science of Child Sitting

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsIs child or baby-sitting an art or a science?  Probably a bit of both as there are definite strategems, tactics and calculations to be made when planning, preparing and attempting to manage a child sit – particularly for active, … Continue reading

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TerrIfic TANtalising musICal in Cheltenham

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsThe last Titanic mention I hope, now that the actual 100th anniversary of the tragedy has passed, although for the duration of this year other books, articles and programmes will continue to appear. Genealogy is a burgeoning pastime and … Continue reading

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60 Years On – Republic or Monarchy?

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics So, Her Majesty the Queen has reached the 60th anniversary, both of the death of her father, King George VI, and her own accession to the Throne of the United Kingdom, its dependencies and the Commonwealth! Although we … Continue reading

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In the Picture

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsLocal Gloucestershire comment (from Wotton-under-Edge) ‘Excellent B&B, even when filmed during breakfast! Will recommend and be back.’ We are advised that video is the way ahead to promote our website and business. So, hopefully soon we will have a … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

Please Commentgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics  Priscilla and David from San Francisco, following a long stay at Hanover House wrote ‘(musically) ‘where have all the hosts gone? The real ones? At Hanover House we’re gladly finding’. ‘Hospitality exemplified – memories abound of our stay!’  Just walked back … Continue reading

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