Feral Creatures

Feral Head Butt?

In, or I should say, just outside, Hanover House we have a feral creature – Ludwig the ginger tom we brought with us from Suffolk. He won’t come into the house, except to creep in very occasionally and hover near the door for a quick escape, but lives outside in the boiler room, which is warm and comfortable. However he does seem to think that Sophie is his mother, having been brought up with her when they were respectively kitten and puppy, and every morning when our guests are having breakfast and Sophie is curled up outside the French windows into the garden, awaiting her opportunity to come in and hoover up the breakfast leftovers, he comes up to her and head butts her and rubs his head under her chin. The guests are often fascinated and some take photographs of the two together.  Sophie tolerates it, and being a Golden Retriever is very patient with him.

Other feral creatures however are not so ‘cute’. London is ablaze in a number of areas as feral mobs using modern technology to coordinate their rampage of urban terrorism and crime congregate to attack commercial establishments, private flats and cars and buses in the streets. A few people put it down to government cut-backs or poor police/community relations, but the majority of the thinking classes know that it is in fact partially a direct result of breakdown of family society, discipline in the home and the dearth of teaching of right and wrong to a whole generation of inner city dwellers of whatever ethnicity. Poverty and gangs, linked to drugs and alcohol also have their place, but this is a generation that has either had both parents out to work or none, or in many cases only one parent at all. Their home and personal discipline is totally lacking and this has ‘knocked-on’ to school, where the inner city schools are a nightmare for teachers, rife with indiscipline and bad manners – no wonder core learning has declined too. By all accounts the educational and home habits of the feral youth has descended into anarchy – not everywhere of course, but in enough areas to be of some concern. This, of course, is made worse by the enactment of various EU regulations where firm punishment is no longer allowed even when necessary, and the ‘children’ have no respect for their tutors or society as a whole. Attributes such as discipline, morality, ethics and a sense of responsibility for oneself, famiy and society seem to be absent in minority but growing sections of the population. It’s going to take a bit of sorting I think, and there won’t be a solution anytime soon.

In comparison to what I see on the newscasts tonight, Ludwig is a peaceful, sophisticated and intelligent creature – apart from his occasional penchant for eating the latest robin….

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