Sunny in Sunningwell

Veronica and Charlie

Veronica decided to have an ‘away day’ from the B&B rough and tumble that is Hanover House in the morning. We directed Kyoko and her brood to the Cotswolds Wild Life Park near Burford, and once James had headed off to work near Bicester, Veronica set off for Sunningwell, round the back of Boar’s Hill near Abingdon, where elder daughter Rachael lives with her family. Although on holiday from The Dragon School in Oxford, it’s not really a holiday with 1 year old Charlotte and husband Peter at home to look after – at least that’s what she says. With younger sister Charlotte back on track (we hope) now visiting Florence’s cultural attractions, including the Uffizi, and flying back from Pisa on Friday, Veronica felt this was an opportunity to do as little as possible and with the sunshine persisting, spent the day in Rachael’s garden basking and playing with little Charlotte Emily.

Peter is proving a most useful son-in-law for Hanover House’s B&B aspirations, colluding with partners and Veronica’s son Damien in Bristol to promote our website and get some movement up the Google rankings – vital it would seem these days to making yourselves known to the wider, discerning travelling public. The days of the guide book seem to be waning, most guests searching the web, checking Trip Advisor and booking either on line or via email. Paper and the personal touch seem to be rapidly disappearing – who knows where we’ll be in 10 years?  The touchpad, smart phone (also being used as tool for instigating riot and mayhem just at present in the inner cities!) and iPod are now the mobile equivalent of the desktop computer and ‘tranny’, accessing the worldwide web from wherever one happens to be, and incidentally finding and booking your accommodation, at the same time checking on its status and quality.

I still remember when the transistor radio was an electronic innovation, followed by the ‘pocket’ calculator (about the size of a brick), which replaced the slide rule (mine still attracts incredulous glances from our children), and the days when the telephone, telegram and fax ruled the communications world!  However, Veronica’s day in Sunningwell was most productive in taking our communications quest forward as Peter is now helping us to forge our Public Relations campaign.  Watch this space…..

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