Hanover House on YouTube

Veronica, James and Sophie

A short post this time, unlike my usual ‘bloggorhea‘ I am usually accused of exhibiting. Our new website is in the final stages of preparation before being launched, hopefully by the end of this month. In advance however, we have launched the website video on YouTube, and having uploaded it this morning while Veronica was serving breakfast to the our current lovely guests, the telephone rang and Veronica picked it up downstairs in the kitchen/breakfast room. I thought no more of it, until after breakfast she came up and said that Timmy (son No 2) said we ‘deserved an Oscar’. ‘What did she mean?’ I thought. Apparently though, Timmy had picked the video up on YouTube – it must have been within minutes of launching it, so goodness only knows what he had been searching.

Anyway, I attach the link here for anyone who is vaguely interested in keeping up with activities within Hanover House (www.hanoverhouse.org). http://youtu.be/05CLyGFcA1A.

Alternatively, and more easily, just Google YouTube and enter ‘Hanover House Cheltenham‘ into the search box.

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