A Steady Crawl to the Techno Frontier

Technology in use in Hanover House

Unless you’re a 10-20 year old who’s been born and raised in the new technology age, the whole concept of social media is something we have to train our brains (or ‘heads’ in the new parlance) to get round. In that vein, at Hanover House we had an interesting visitor today, Kate Joynes-Burgess, a local old girl of Cheltenham Ladies’ and an entrepreneurial writer, analyst (of what?) and writer.  She is developing a new ‘App’ (Application for the old-fashioned [strange that abbreviations have now become the 'whole' word and we provide a fuller word for the less-comprehending middle-aged!]) for smart ‘phones (Telephones) and tablets to advertise quality B&Bs and accommodation in the Cotswolds.  Having been recommended by a friend who’d stayed, she came to take some photos (photographs) for her app. We’ll be interested to see how it all comes out.

We are also arranging to get some advice, by those who understand these things, and choreographed by son-in-law Peter, on how to maximise our already quite good web-site but which needs some boosting in the background (meta?) code department, and some more incoming links to maximise our advertising spread as a luxury, quality Cheltenham town-centre B&B, and reach some new markets. All businesses, no matter their size these days seem to need web masters as well as accountants and business advisers – who said that technology makes life simpler?  The more complicated technology becomes, the more work it seems to need to keep it working at maximum efficiency or sometimes working at all – printer complaints are legend, as well as those of connectivity, broadband speeds, not to mention security – viruses and hacking etc. (I really shouldn’t mention it – someone might be looking in!).

What would happen if there were to be an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) generated by sunspots or a hostile power, and all our computer memories were wiped – I shudder to think!  But come to think of it, I’ve still got my mother’s old typewriter in the attic and if I could find some printer ribbon…..

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