In the Doghouse!

The title works several ways today. The first refers literally to ‘the dog’ who’s been in the wars and the other refers to marital harmony or lack of it! Running Hanover House B&B although often very interesting and satisfying can also be frustrating and stressful. Particularly when things get overheated or sudden crises, domestic, familial or business arise. Today for instance, Sophie, who is normally a very well-behaved although occasionally excitable Retriever, and who had had an ear operation yesterday, requiring her to wear a ‘lampshade’ around her neck to prevent her scratching the aforementioned aural appendage (sorry about the lapse into jargon, occasionally my dictionarial education catches up with me), decided to remove both lampshade and dressing. This demonstration of self-harm coincided with Veronica serving up the breakfast to Kyoko, her brood and our Parisien and English guests.  The former naturally ‘stressed’ and I was summoned to despatch said (or sad) hound to the vet for patching up as her blonde fur was becoming decidedly bloody.

I left the chef serving up the bacon, sausage and egg while I drove the sad-looking pooch, back in lampshade to the veterinary surgeons in Charlton Kings about 2 miles away. Fortunately no major damage had been done and armed with a further dose of tranquilisers I returned in time to bid farewell to Kyoko after her 8 days with us and on her way back to London before returning to Tokyo.  In terms of marital harmony, the stress told and when I deigned to read a 2-day old newspaper, it was snatched from me. 

However all was not lost as with Charlotte’s return from her ‘Italian Adventure’ and her lucky escape from the Antipodean tourists, Veronica’s equilibrium was soon restored and when Charlotte suggested she and I go and see ‘Super 8′ at the local Cineworld, Veronica was quite happy and made an excellent supper while we were out. Anything Spielberg (except ET) isn’t her thing, and she loves spoiling her ‘little girl’. Naturally I ride on the bandwagon and know that I can ride on the coattails of Charlotte’s activities and culinary choices – pudding, an extra glass of wine or a film etc.  If only for that I’ll be sorry when Charlotte departs for London prior to her new term.

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