Promoting Hanover House

Hanover House by Lisa Calnan

Comment on 16 Aug: ‘Hanover House is the best kept secret in Cheltenham. Now I’ve found it, I wouldn’t stay anywhere else.’ (name on request)

One of the underlying purposes of this blog is to perhaps draw attention to the many attractions of Hanover House B&B and the delightful location of Cheltenham, in the centre of which Hanover House is located. There is a confusingly large number of ways in which promotion can apparently be achieved, some of which include incorporation of extracts from the many excellent comments we have received in Trip Advisor, on sites such as Alastair Sawdays and in hard copy in our Visitor’s Book. As a trial, I will try prefacing future blogs with such comments.

Other tactics include developing the Hanover House Facebook webpage, various Google products and inserting a request within the information folder for comments. We are also providing an improved list of key words for the website. We are constantly inundated by offers from a whole range of companies who can apparently get us on Page 1 of Google or Yahoo – if everyone took up their kind (and expensive) offers, Page One of each of those search engines would be truly enormous!  Most offers, I would suspect, are unfortunately untrue and apparently new developments, such as placing video on the website, can actively promote the Page One position, thus demoting all the other sites which have religiously paid up their fees – until the next round of website promotion occurs and all positions are up in the air again. The only secure way of regularly appearing is to pay a lot of money for a subscription position – not really feasible for a small organisation like us.

I also note a number of offers to sell us software to promote the position of our WordPress blog to a much higher ranking position – but again, it can’t work for everyone and until I know for sure, I will take such ‘offerings’ with a pinch of salt!



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