A Grappling with Facebook Day

Quote: (by an Australian opera singer) ‘As always, (Hanover House is) the perfect place to stay for business or pleasure – see you again soon!

As promised in my last blog, I preface this one with another recent quote from our comments book. Onto the meat (or gripe) of the day’s activities, as titled – grappling with Facebook (as well as other technologies, such as non-functioning wireless mice)!¬† Having decided we needed to improve our social media presence, the main choices were LinkedIn and/or Facebook, and we decided to go for both. However real life intervenes and the dog still has to be walked (on a miserable rainy day), the shopping has to be done and other household chores such as putting up pictures have to be completed before Veronica is satisfied. I did manage to sneak a preview of the Daily Telegraph however before I got onto the serious stuff on the computer.

Having already established a Hanover House Luxury B&B Google Place and setting up a Facebook web page, I still had to populate it and find some ‘friends’. Most of my personal friends and colleagues are not naturally of the Facebook generation and I think we are going to have to rely on family and some of the younger-minded friends who have embraced the new religion. However I found myself quickly stuck, and not having a five-year old to hand to consult, I did the next best thing and telephoned the youngest daughter Charlotte, who has a very active account. Although she was round at friend’s in London, she helped me out and steered me to the first basic step of trawling friends and fans (not quite sure what the difference is yet). Then having followed the helpful site advice of importing my contact list from Outlook, I fired off about 30 invitations tonight. Charlotte, loyally, was the first to sign up, but I would estimate that at least 50% of those I have pestered will not have Facebook accounts.

Tomorrow I develop the site and take a look at LinkedIn. Oh what joy – I would rather be on an¬†almost (see below) technology-free desert island with no means of communication, a pile of books and only a solar-powered CD player with a stack of good classical music to play on it…

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