Periodical and Paper Promotions

Back in the news(paper(s)) after a bit of a break, Hanover House B&B ( ) features at the moment as part of a promotion of Alastair Sawdays with The Times where 50 of the top B&Bs featured by Sawdays around the country are providing rooms at two nights for the price of one, available during the winter months.  We have also been selected by Sawdays to feature in a Daily Telegraph promotion but there is no sign of that materialising at the moment. A number of other publications offer us space, although these have probably more limited value in terms of exposure. Some of them originate in Country Life or Country Style types of publications, promoting regions or counties, but frequently with fairly limited circulations. Although it is always pleasant to see one’s business in a glossy magazine in technicolour, if it doesn’t bring in business then it is a false vanity and economy.

To date there has been a fair bit of interest in The Times offer and we have taken a number of bookings, but I would guess that it will be a relatively short-lived affair and the limited period collection of tokens will have expired with no further take-up. The Telegraph offer has also just materialised and we are included amongst a number of select Alastair Sawday establishments giving a discount to registered Telegraph readers, so there may be another small burst.  However our best bet for exposure is still electronically, and hopefully, given some breathing space, our winter circular will be written and sent out to our mailing list quite soon.


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