The Lady in Red

'The Lady in Red' - with kind permission of The Lady

Quote from Ware, Herts ‘Please retain James and officially appoint him as Deputy Chef – a true treasure‘ (somebody clearly enjoyed my sausages!)

The Lady seems to be the dominant subject over the past day or so for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we had asked The Lady magazine if we could use some of their front covers for our own purposes – Veronica is The Lady ambassador for Cheltenham – to help promote it to a wider public but primarily to illustrate The Lady webpage on the Hanover House website.  Secondly, The Lady’s office came back today and said that of course we could, as long as we gave an acknowledgement where it was due.  The OK was followed by an extremely amusing email all about the travails of one of the staff in her attempts to fly back to England from Italy – which I hope will appear in some form or other on one of The Lady’s pages soon for the enjoyment – and perhaps a bit of schadenfreud too – of its increasing reading public.

The preface picture on this blog is an example of one of the old, and dare I say elegant, pictures from a vintage The Lady, as illustrated on The Lady’s calendar this year. The new magazine covers, in line with the new 21st Century editorial style of Rachel Johnson are still very colourful and glamorous, but very much of our time, principally of celebrities designed to attract a far more celebrity-conscious reading public, than the artistic but anonymous figures of the past. Being traditionalists, we can see the attraction of one style and the utility of the other.

Coming back to the blog picture, you will note it is a ‘Lady in Red’, again because it stands out, red is a favourite colour of Veronica’s – much of Hanover House is themed in reds, and having just received our RMA Sandhurst Intake 47 Anniversary photograph, it shows Veronica prominent in the middle of the crowd on the steps of Old College in a lovely red dress – the eye was immediately attracted to it – not that I’m biased of course.

The last connection to the colour, or something like it, became apparent this morning in the cool, early morning sunshine as I stepped out onto the tree-lined avenue that is St George’s Road. It is the First of September and summer is now over, and it was very clear that Autumn was now on us. Brown/Red leaves are appearing on the trees around, falling and collecting in the gutters and along the base of the hedges, and the first immature conkers have appeared in the park for Sophie to chase…


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