An Unlucky Break!

Cheltenham General Hospital

Very recent quote from London guest about Hanover House  ‘Cannot be more perfect than this!

By Hanover House standards, it started off as a quiet day, although we seemed to have crammed a lot in. A lovely day, a pleasure to be out in, but we didn’t really get enough of it, except for my short walk to the Royal Barber in the Royal Well, followed by a stroll to Cineworld to buy our tickets for Donnizetti’s Anna Bolena in October. Later I gave Sophie a walk before supper, passing a number of young ladies tottering into town for ‘Friday night is party night’ in Cheltenham, in their heels and short skirts.  Veronica managed a foray into the sunshine too in the interests of The Lady on her sit up and beg bicycle into town. From which, it might be added, she came back in a bad mood having failed to find The New Club (which isn’t so new, it’s been there since at least 1850) where she’d hope to tout her wares. No sense of direction…

I’ve been working from home, while Veronica said goodbye to our guests from Chester, and later hello to our regular returnees, who had the pleasure of our room last time we managed to double-book!  (More of them in a moment). Another new couple arrived later and had to rush out to find somewhere to eat, while I puzzled about why their bedside light didn’t work. I should have followed the clue of the flashing bedside alarm clock which might have led me to the solution, which was that our Polish cleaner had followed in the footsteps of the Carry On Doctor film where the cleaner had regularly unplugged the resuscitator to hoover the intensive care unit (an appropriate comparison as you’ll soon see). For our late arrivals, unfortunately in Cheltenham on a Friday one has to book ahead and they only got into Prezzo. The only other happening of note had been discussion with ‘Autumn Gate’ (a new start promotional video operation, manned by newly qualified Gloucester University graduates) to come and do a video of Hanover House to use as an example for their own company promotion.  That, we thought must be the end of the day’s excitement.

When I started the blog early this evening, it had been a quiet day, and by saying so, I made a major error as later on things suddenly took a more dramatic turn. Our ‘regulars’ had been playing with grandchildren this afternoon and grandfather in pursuit of one, fell on a hard surface and damaged his hand. Phlegmatically he gave his hand time to recover, but by the time he got back to us about 10.30 pm, his fingers were swelling ominously and his ring became increasingly tight. Vaseline and washing up liquid were applied to no avail, and Veronica with her medical head, on advised a visit to A&E (one of her favourite places), however the recipient was reluctant. Fortunately the two new guests returned from Prezzo and it just so happened are doctors – so after waylaying them, a rapid examination and the advice that an X-Ray might be good idea as there could possibly be a chipped knuckle, I ran our regulars up to A&E with their books, ready for a long wait.  It is a Friday night after all – although hopefully the triage system in the General has tightened up and they’ll be out before too long.  

We now await news of the outcome, which may lead to driving difficulties tomorrow….

Afternote: Nothing was broken (thus the blog title is now inaccurate) but now heavily bandaged, our guest and his wife will be chauffeured by their son in the short term – and remarkably – they were treated within 30 minutes, so things are on the up at ‘The General’.

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