Insanity, Mundanity and Climeatology

Autumn - Queen's Parade

From Westport, Ireland ‘Another fantastic stay. Your amazing hospitality has made the trip again. See you soon!

I’m not even sure if there’s such a word as ‘Mundanity’ but it sounds better than Mundaness, or ‘boringly routine’, so I’ve used it. The three words in the title express the swing over 24 hours from the blanket media coverage of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 Twin Towers attack in New York in 2001 (the insanity of that kind of inhumane peacetime terrorist aggression) to the domestic routine – if it can ever be called that – at Hanover House, and finally the sweeping across the country today of the remnants of Hurricane Katia. If that’s the remnant, I’m glad we were nowhere near the epicentre or heart of it when it was at full force! On that subject, we have some American guests who had been booked for a hot-air balloon flight over Bath yesterday, but despite the most severe winds being in the north, it was just as well it was cancelled, else they’d have vanished over the horizon at a rate of knots – and probably not in the direction of home.

Having listened to and seen a number of programmes on the anniversary of ‘9/11′, it was also interesting to hear the viewpoint of Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, the former Director General of MI5 who is currently giving the BBC’s Reith Lectures. 10 years on and the threat seems as great as ever, despite the death of Bin Laden, however Baroness MB gives more than an inkling of hope inside the UK when she disclosed that MI5 actually recruit about 40% from the ethnic minorities inside the UK (I don’t think that includes the Irish, Welsh and Scots!), a large number of them being British Asian Muslims. Much of the information that has helped to prevent a large number of terrorist attacks inside Britain has come from within the British Asian communities, who are integrated, not disaffected, and feel that they are British and conform to British mores.¬† I would guess that the ‘doughnut’ a couple of miles away (GCHQ) also has more than a bit to do with keeping us safe too.

On the mundane side of life, from the soaring subjects of international politics and world peace, we come back to earth with a thump, when it comes getting back into the domestic routine. Such ‘routines’ include¬†making the next round of marmalade and bread for guest’s breakfasts, taking Sophie for a walk and collecting the huge numbers of conkers blown down by the high wind gusts – enough to keep Sophie occupied chasing them until next Spring…

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