Three and Four in a Bed at Channel 4

Filming '3 in a Bed' Exmoor, Devon

 A line from Goodworth Clatford in Hampshire ‘Made a special weekend even more so….

A new round of requests asking interested B&Bs to sign up for the new series of Channel 4’s ‘Four in a Bed’ is being circulated. Badger Towers sent us a copy last night, possibly with a view to entering themselves? (They have previously mentioned ‘The Hotel Inspector’ as being something they wouldn’t mind having a go at). Veronica offered to mentor them if they do, as although the programme format has changed slightly since we participated (blindly) in the first series of ‘Three in a Bed’, it is still the same production company, presumably using similar techniques.  It would be interesting to see people we know go under the spotlight, as we would know exactly what they were experiencing and feeling, with the same amount of trepidation, excitement and frustration – but nonetheless a great deal of fun, especially in retrospect.

Even more than a year later, we are occasionally recognised, especially when we are in context – i.e. within Hanover House B&B and not on the street or some other environment. Guests feel as though they are experiencing deja-vu occasionally, then realise when we admit that they might have seen us on ‘the telly’ getting on for 18 months ago now. Apropos the same subject, it will be interesting to see the product of the graduate students’ embryo film company’s promotional video of Hanover House, which I hope we can use, or at least excerpts from it. The so-called ‘soft’ courses at places of British Higher Learning e.g. the new universities offering courses in media studies, may indeed be paying off if graduates can make a living from initiatives such as setting up small film companies to promote businesses, charities, individual events etc. with quality products. It would seem that social media and widespread electronic communications have become a major factor in modern society and shaping world events e.g. the Arab Spring.

Unfortunately adopting social media as a means of promoting self and business is also extremely time-consuming, despite the early promise of the associated technology (from pocket calculator to 3G Tablet) to save time, allowing people to relax and do the other things in life which could provide a better work-life balance, such as sport, music, reading etc.  Just an observation from a representative of the embattled middle-aged victims of technobabble and gizmos!

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