A Mixed Weekend..

Fresh back from the warmth, colour and vibrancy of Verona, we were promised rain and another cool English summer this weekend, and apart from a false brightening on Saturday afternoon, that was precisely what we got. Fortunately, apart from some routine ‘hanging out’ (clothing) and Sophie walking duties, we weren’t going anywhere this weekend and apart from a houseful of guests, we were just doing catch-up operations having been away. It’s just amazing what had to be done apart from major replenishment of core foodstuffs, which included expeditions to the adjacent Waitrose and Court Farm for its excellent freshly laid free-range eggs, things including longer canes to support our triffid-like tomato plants in the conservatory, catching up on 2 weeks’ guest card details to be downloaded, cash and cheques to be accounted for, myriads of emails to be trawled through and family and friends to be updated. Veronica had fresh bread to make, fruit compotes for breakfast.  On the more pleasant side, we had an interesting set of guests, some regulars, some new, and our Verona opera arias CD to listen to. Amongst the former we had our regular American visitors, John and Patricia, John a Texas attorney of English extraction currently over to present his Viva on his English Church History Masters to his university in Derby, and an interesting mix of Dutch, Italian and English youngsters (certainly compared to us) in Cheltenham either for a break from London, or to attend a wedding. One of the most interesting parts of this business is conversing over a leisurely breakfast with guests, who by the time we’ve served up and settled down, have got to know each other over the communal table and are soon exchanging views on a wide variety of subjects reflecting their own backgrounds, origins and interests. Today’s topics for example ranged over vibrant places to live in London (i.e. Camberwell and Brixton), the state of the British music industry, musical education at The Guildhall, Genetics and DNA c/o Brasenose College, Oxford. We look forward to the next set of guests and the contrasting conversation they’ll generate….

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