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Various dictionary definitions of ‘blog’ – A web log is a website that contains writings or an online personal journal, with experiences, reflections, observations, comments and opinions provided by the writer.  – However I prefer the Urban Dictionary‘s explanation ‘A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life…‘  (nonetheless I will continue)

As a recent disciple of blogging, and not even really aware that mine are read in the great ‘blogosphere’ (see footnote for Urban Dictionary definition), except by ‘spammers’ trying to link up and promote their own websites and some family members and friends, I have found to my cost – and interestingly too – that the words written here off the top of my head, or as inspiration strikes, can have more profound consequences. Hanover House ( is a member of the Wolsey Lodges (WL) ‘confederation’ of quality B&Bs and lodges offering unsurpassed accommodation and hospitality, however there is currently disquiet ‘in the ranks’. As a result, as described in previous blogs, I have expressed my opinions on  what is happening or should happen, based on a large number of members’ emails and the WL Cotswolds Region meeting I attended recently.

My last blog brought down on my head an unexpected deluge of telephone calls (or as the French might say ‘merde‘!), veiled threats, advice and comment from various sources, mostly from those previously in authority in the WL organisation. Some of that I heeded, and so moderated certain of my words primarily to ensure that I couldn’t be held responsible for libelling or otherwise unfairly disparaging other people’s efforts, most of whom I had never met (or heard of previously).  I am now, nevertheless, somewhat acquainted with most key players via ‘phone and email. To be fair, if I have genuinely made an error, then I am happy to instantly correct it and apologise if necessary.

Never let it be said however that there isn’t freedom of speech in this country, and so I will persevere in jotting down my personal opinions or observations, at the same time trying to be as fair, objective and dispassionate as possible. The latter characteristic is however not so easily attainable when one does begin to get passionate about subjects close to the heart (and soul). Another ‘plus’ from my personal point of view, is that occasionally stirring up a hornets nest can have beneficial consequences, even if not immediately, by bringing things to people’s attention that had formerly been overlooked, or bobbed along just below the surface. I believe it’s good for the human psyche to now and again get out of the metaphorical soporific armchair and get stuck into something you care about – even if you do get struck by some merde

Blogosphere: ‘Imagine a million lunatics wandering the streets mumbling to themselves. Write it all down and put it on the web. Congratulations – you’ve just invented the blogosphere!’

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