The Lady Ambassador for Cheltenham

'The Lady' at the Races - by kind permission of The Lady

Veronica has been nominated as The (unpaid) Lady (magazine) Ambassador for the Cheltenham area, having been an avid reader of supporter for a number of years – most of her holidays were booked through its pages a few years ago. She has in mind a number of ideas to promote The Lady ethos, as well as hawking magazines around the local establishments that might have a clientele that would appreciate a quality publication, recently revived by the infusion of enthusiasm and reforming zeal of Rachel Johnson.

There are clear connections between The Lady and Cheltenham, in that both espouse quality and dare one say – breeding?  Cheltenham races attract many sporting types and we have living on the outskirts of the town, Zara Phillips (now sometimes Tindall), who also appeared on the front cover of the July 2011 The Lady.

The Lady can be found at and and on Facebook.

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